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With Spring weather making a fast appearance across the country, now is the perfect time for weekend projects to spruce up your yard, or add to curb appeal for the busiest buying season. Completing a two-day project in just that—two days—can be easy as long as you create a plan and follow it. Below are a few weekend projects that Todd Hetherington, CEO of Century 21 New Millennium suggests taking on to freshen your outdoor space. Get professional help, or challenge yourself—and your family—and take them on DIY-style. Just make sure to do proper research beforehand to stay safe and avoid an outdoor “oops!”

Build a Fence
Whether your yard is big or small, a fence is a great asset. “People love fences if they have kids, pets, or even if they just want a bit of privacy,” says Hetherington. You can bring in a professional to tackle this project, or if you’re a semi-seasoned Do-It-Yourselfer, try taking it on yourself. Do some quality research on the materials you will need, including posts, deck boards for railings, premixed cement, gravel, some stakes and galvanized screws. Even if you’re doing it yourself, feel free to chat with professionals at the store while getting your supplies, to glean any master tricks or tips. “The most important part of putting in your own fence is measuring first and putting the posts in the right place. No one wants a crooked fence,” says Hetherington.

A pergola is a great looking addition to your yard, and not-too-big of a project for the Weekend Warrior.

Build a Pergola
Pergolas are this season’s hottest garden accessory. Similar to a pagoda, these pleasing architectural structures make great additions to gardens and patios. “While the platform, frame and rooftop can be done in one weekend, any additional landscaping will take longer,” notes Hetherington. An 8-ft. pergola is a great size, and isn’t too daunting of a project. “I like cedar for a clean, natural look,” says Hetherington. “And don’t worry about staining your structure. Leave it unfinished and let it gradually weather, if you like that look.” Adding a vine like wisteria can also lend a wonderful design element.

Build a Gate
A gate adds a nice touch to any fence, deck or patio. From building the frame to cutting the lumber, this project can easily be done in a weekend. “Whether you want a large privacy gate or a small garden gate, these entryways are a great way to update your landscape,” says Hetherington. “They are also a terrific way to close an already fenced-in yard so that your property is private, and pet-friendly.” After you gather your materials, you can assemble your gate on a template before installing it upright. “And don’t forget to add enough clearance below,” reminds, Hetherington, who suggests leaving at least 3 inches below.

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