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Cash Back Programs

USAA Real Estate Rewards Network

CENTURY 21 New Millennium is honored to be among a small preferred group of top real estate brokerages selected to serve military members and their families within the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network. Our USAA-certified agents are selected based on demonstrated ability, experience, real estate knowledge and a track record of exceptional customer care.

USAA Real Estate Rewards makes moving easy

When you buy or sell a home through our USAA Real Estate Rewards Program, you will receive:

$350 to $6,000 Cash Back reward based on the Purchase or Sale Price as shown below.

A real estate coordinator from USAA who will be available to answer your administrative questions and ensure that you receive maximum benefits afforded in the program.

A specially trained and individually selected real estate sales professional by your side to guide you through the home buying or selling process.

Purchase or Sale PriceCash Back
$0 to $99,999$350
$100,000 to $149,999$650
$150,000 to $249,999$950
$250,000 to $399,999$1,250
$400,000 to $449,999$1,550
$450,000 to $499,999$2,000
$500,000 to $549,999$2,500
$550,000 to $599,999$3,500
$600,000 to $699,999$4,000
$700,000 to $799,999$4,500
$800,000 to $899,999$5,000
$900,000 to $999,999$5,500
$1,000,000 and more$6,000

Reward offer limited in some states. Reward amount is based on sale price of home sold or purchased and cannot exceed $6,000 per transaction. To receive the maximum amount offered of $6,000, the sale price of the home sold or purchased must be $1 million dollars or more. In 2015 the average member closing in the program received $1,150. Real estate agent fees still apply. A reward is not available in Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In Kansas and Tennessee, a gift card will be issued that is accepted at specific retailers. State regulations in Kansas limit the dollar amounts and the type of incentive. In Oregon, a commission reduction may be available at closing. In New Jersey, a commission credit may be available at closing. Please check with the program coordinator for details. You must be enrolled in the program and be represented at closing by an approved agent with a participating real estate firm in order to qualify for the reward. Reward not available to sellers in a short sale transaction. In certain states buyers may need seller cooperation in order to participate in the reward program. Availability restrictions apply.

Best of all, enrollment in USAA Real Estate Rewards is free.

Navy Federal Credit Union RealtyPlus

CENTURY 21 New Millennium is proud to be a Preferred Real Estate Company with Navy Federal Credit Union’s RealtyPlus program. In fact, we’re currently recognized as the top-performing RealtyPlus broker in the nation. Our NFCU-certified agents train to earn the right to serve Navy Federal members. Enrollment in the RealtyPlus program is free for NFCU members.

RealtyPlus puts money in your pocket

RealtyPlus will save you time and make buying and/or selling a home easier by offering you:

The opportunity to receive up to $5,050 when buying and/or selling a home in most states.

A personal RealtyPlus coordinator who will offer you expert guidance throughout the process and ensure that you receive the cash reward for which you qualify.

An experienced CENTURY 21 New Millennium agent who receives NFCU-specific training to ensure he or she is providing superior customer service for members of the RealtyPlus program.

Home Price Cash Back
$125,000 - $149,999$775
$200,000 - $224,999$1,200
$225,000 - $249,999$1,325
$250,000 - $274,999$1,475
$275,000 - $299,999$1,600
$300,000 - $324,999$1,750
$325,000 - $349,999$1,900
$500,000 - $524,999$2,875
$800,000 - $824,999$4,550
$900,000 and above$5,050

Cash back ranges from $400 to $5,050 and is available in most states. You must register with RealtyPlus before contacting a real estate agent and be represented by the assigned RealtyPlus real estate firm at closing to qualify. Note: Standard listing fees apply. Contact RealtyPlus for terms and conditions.

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