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Using Imagery to Improve your Social Media Image

Fun Facts:

  • 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual
  • 83% of human learning is visual

It is more important than ever to incorporating imagery into your content and marketing strategy. Visuals will send a more effective message and strengthen your brand. Use Infographics, Slide share or photos to get your message across and resonate with your followers.

Define Your Brand ColorsJump on the Bandwagon - Social Media

Choose two to four colors that best reflect your brand’s personality and be consistent with your colors in your marketing images across social media platforms.

Understanding the psychology behind colors will help you create something visually appealing and enticing to your followers. Keep in mind that color interpretation still remains subjective and the responses will vary. However, the role colors plays in purchasing and perception are significant. In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that

“People make up their minds within 90 seconds of an initial interaction with a product. And 6290% of that assessment is based on colors alone.”

How will you use color to inspire action, build trust and encourage buying behavior?

Start by determine your target market or audience and the mindset of these people. Then, take that information you have concluded and look to the color wheel below.

Notice what colors are paired with some of the most successful brands?  How can use color and emotion in your marketing?

  • Black conveys a message of power and authority. It speaks to a stylish and timeless message, imparting a sleek, formal, luxurious or classic experience.
  • Yellow is seen as fun, joyous and optimistic. Brands like Nikon, Subway and Best Buy bear the brand of a bold, deep yellow.
  • Orange is my brand color and one that embraces every aspect of my business. It’s cheerful, inviting, encouraging, friendly and confident. Orange makes me happy!
  • Red is a color that is emotionally intense. When we see red we think of “strength, adventure, energy and love.” It is extreme, exciting and vivacious with Coca Cola, Virgin and Pinterest embracing this vibrant hue.
  • Blue makes us think of tranquility. It promotes a feeling of calm, and can symbolize loyalty. When we think about blue, we think of the words “unique, trust, reliable or clear.” Brands prominently displaying blue within their logo are Facebook, Dell, HP and Oreo.
  • Green causes people to think about nature. It’s calming and refreshing. Green symbolizes balance, growth, and freshness and can also speak to financial stability as green is the color of money.

Once you’ve identified your perfect shade, begin creating material and imagery within that color pallet and maintain consistency.

Web tip: Hex codes are six digit codes that represent universal values throughout the internet. You can easily find yours with the ColorPick Eyedropper or EyeDropper Chrome extension.

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