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twitter image Tweet your way to Real Estate Success.


Here are five useful tactics that are sure to advance your real estate Twitter page:

  1. Create clear and compelling content

Talk about what people are interested in: find out the latest trends or hashtags in the real estate industry and link to it from your Twitter page.

Regularly check news publication, magazines, and blogs for news stories and stay up to date on real estate news and regulations.

  • Tweets with no clear message or irrelevant content can be ignored, and could possibly damage your credibility.
  • Don’t just talk yourself, talk about other relevant things. Rule of thumb: For every self-promotional tweet, write five others that might interest your target readers.


  1. Use engaging images

Posts with pictures are 94 %more likely to be retweeted. Regular updates with images will encourage viewers to come back to your site and favorite or retweet your posts.


  1. Two way conversation

Stay social and interact with followers or businesses; update tweets in the peak times Monday-Thursday 1-3pm.

Using the right language and include enticing words such as:  “follow,” “tweet,” “free” and “top” will generate more overall clicks and visits to a page. And don’t forget to use Hashtags.


  1. Encourage sharing

By linking your twitter page to your other social media sites;  will help build your brand by allowing users to gain access to your other social media sites.

Promoting these other social media sites in a tweet will make it more likely to be viewed and shared.  Always have a direct link to the business web address for any user who might want to contact you.

  1. Be Personable and Be Yourself

You need the following items to make a great profile page:

  • A relevant profile picture
  • Colorful and persuasive Twitter background — use appropriate images
  • A great bio; sell yourself in only 160 characters
  • Website link; call to action
  • Your location, niche market or community


Lucie Simpson is a digital marketer working at Accuracast.

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