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Social Media Tip of the Week:

Your Listing is your first impression:  here are some tips to create an enticing and compelling listing.

  • HEADLINE: Besides the photo, the headline is what catches the buyer’s eye. It should be concise, and make the reader want to read more.
  • Highlight the price
  • unique features
  • And other strong selling points

Readers want to know right away if the home fits their criteria.

  • WORD CHOICE: Avoid over-used terms and consider HOT buzzwords: “light,” “beautiful,” “fixer-upper.” Stay away from less enticing words like, “clean,” “quiet,” “move-in condition,” or “value.”
  • DON’T OVERSTATE: Most people know hype when they spot it. Try and use creative language, but stick to the facts. Be precise about location and amenities.
  • BE CLEAR: Don’t leave anything to the imagination. If there’s maple or granite, be sure to point it out (especially since homes with these words in the listing tend to sell better). Avoid vague adjectives like “charming,” or “lovely.” If you use the word “spacious,” make sure to back it up with details on the square footage.
  • LESS IS MORE. Keep it under 250 words maximum. Use bullet points to gather all of the important details (location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, school district). Give just enough information to tempt buyers, but leave them wanting more.

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