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See You at the Parade

It was 1870, almost a hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was written,
that Congress declared the 4th of July a National Holiday. There will, of course, be lots of fireworks and entertainment celebrating Independence Day here in the nation’s capitol.

But not just here; It is a different kind of wonderful time to be in small town America where narrow main streets are lined with people of all ages and shapes and sizes and colors, waving flags and waiting for the horses and tractors and the 4H Club’s blue-ribbon-winning livestock from the county fair…and the high school beauty queen riding in a convertible provided by the local Ford or Chevy dealer…and the fire truck with it’s horn blowing…and finally the mayor, smiling big, waving big, and pointing to special people along the way.

At CENTURY 21® New Millennium, we are extremely proud of our connections and strong ties with our neighboring communities, many of whom are working right now getting ready for their best-ever 4th of July parade. Find out when and where it will be and make plans to be there…at a good spot along the curb. It’s a good way to show that you’re vested in your community. Together, We’re Better.

Todd and Mary Lynn

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