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Most homes, both new and old, have a few problem areas. However, according to Todd Hetherington, CEO of Century 21 New Millennium, there are frequent flaws that every buyer and seller should check for before making an offer or putting a home on the market.


Rotted wood is one of the most frequently occurring maintenance issues, says Hetherington. The flooring and walls in places like kitchens and bathrooms are often exposed to moisture, and over time this can lead to rot. Buyers should also check basements and garages for rot, as well as the exterior of a house including any decks, overhangs or eaves, Hetherington suggests.

Water and Drainage

Water damage is one of the most expensive problems a homeowner can be faced with, Hetherington states. Water intrusion in basements and garages can create a rotting foundation, which is pricey to repair, and mold, which is difficult to get rid of. “Be sure the foundation of your home is properly graded for maximum drainage, and check that the gutters are in working order,” Hetherington suggests.


The roof is your home’s strongest shield against the elements. Maintaining your roof by replacing shingles and patching any leaks can extend the life of your roof, but it is a good idea to have it inspected every five years, and replaced every 20 years. “Keeping your roof in top shape can help you avoid some pretty big disasters, including major leaks and even a total collapse. If you find yourself patching and re-patching sections of your roof annually, it might be time to replace it completely,” Hetherington says.

Making sure you check for and repair these common home defects before placing your home on the market can decrease complications in selling, and improve the results of your home inspection report, notes Hetherington . If you’re buying a new home, paying special attention to these problem areas can help ease the likelihood of future repairs and give you valuable points of negotiation.

For more information on common home defects, please contact Century 21 New Millennium at, 800-382-1101 or Century 21 New Millennium.

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