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When selling a home, sometimes you have to get creative. For homeowners whose properties have been on the market longer than expected, different tactics may be necessary in order to pique the minds of house-hunting buyers.

“If you seem to have hit a plateau, ask yourself some key questions. ‘What haven’t I tried?’ ‘What can I do to market this home with a different spin?’ Thinking outside the box could make the difference necessary to sell your home,” says Todd Hetherington, CEO of Century 21 New Millennium.  With some buyers sitting on the fence, struggling home sellers should seek out new ways to make their homes stand out.

To gain a competitive edge against the competition, a house upgrade may provide your home with more visual appeal. Does your home have old carpeting, wallpaper, countertops or appliances? You may want to consider replacing them. “By updating older elements, you can brighten up the interior and give your home a newfound modern appearance,” says Hetherington. The bright feel will keep your home in the minds of buyers.

Have you properly staged the home for viewings? If so, should you try a different staging approach? Properly staging the home means designing the setup to be attractive to the widest range of home buyers. Decluttering and rearranging are both large pieces of the puzzle. “Even if you have previously staged your home, don’t be afraid to try something different,” says Hetherington. “The larger you can make the space feel, the better off you will be.”

By now, you’ve almost surely heard of the powers of boosting curb appeal. “It’s imperative to not forget the outside of the home because you_re focused on fixing up the inside,” says Hetherington. Even small efforts such as power washing the exterior, replacing address numbers and placing them in a prominent location, or repainting the front door can be excellent for your home’s curb appeal. Be edgy, yet trend-appropriate with your decisions. You never know how much extra attention your home will receive as a result.

By taking some of these selling basics and putting your own unique spin on them, you can make your property stand out from the masses. “With plenty of inventory on the market, sellers must find unique ways to sell their home that their competition is failing to utilize,” says Hetherington. “That is the key to selling in today’s market.”

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