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Real Estate is a Commodity. It is a semi-liquid asset which should be acquired through a conservative approach to a defined strategy. Market dynamics will fluctuate. Provisioning for the ability to “hold” rather than “liquidate” during any market cycle mitigates most, if not all, risks of ownership. Rewards can be substantial.

Property value is not determined by a seller. It is the pool of ready, willing, and qualified buyers who decide value. The size of the buyer pool is driven by the economic conditions within the geography being evaluated. More jobs mean greater demand. More demand means upward pressure on value. Unfortunately, the converse is true as well. Read More Here …


Over sufficient time, real property will appreciate.
Obviously, we have seen significant fluctuation over the twenty eight years depicted in the graph to the right. However, it is very clear that the average home cost considerably less in 1987 than it does today. It is likely to hold true over the next thirty years as well.

We saw a modest “bubble” in the late 80’s which recovered throughout the 90’s. The cycle was less abrupt because homeowners were not as leveraged. Most rode out the cycle while continuing to reduce principal and build equity when making their regular mortgage payment.  Read More Here …




We have added almost 130,000 jobs over the last four years…or about 35,000 jobs annually. Forecasts indicate more robust growth of 220,000 jobs over the next four years for an average of 55,000 annually. Read More Here …



Mortgage interest rates remain near all time lows. “How you pay” has considerably more impact than “what you pay” for real property. If considering a purchase, now is the time to act. Read More Here …




Growth of regional productivity actually declined between 2010 and 2013. We’ve seen that trend reversed in 2014 and sustainable growth is expected over the next five years. Much of the softening may relate to cuts in the number of federal workers, defense budget, and
sequestration. Read More Here …




Unemployment is at 4.7% in our region. Gas is well under $3.00 per gallon. Wages are up 4% year over year. The equity markets are at, or near, all-time highs. For many, increased home values restored paper losses experienced during a recession.  Read More Here …




On average, Mid-Atlantic Region values are up a bit; a few more homes sold in 2014 than during the same period last year, there are more pending transactions right now than there were a year ago, and more homes are available for active buyers to choose from.

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If you are considering a real estate transaction, thorough analysis and competent representation are essential. We are in a transitioning market. There is potential for profit, as there is risk of loss. If we understand the underlying facts, we can continue to make good business decisions logically and without emotion. I am a real estate professional and accept responsibility for keeping my friends, neighbors, and business community informed as to all aspects of things affecting the real estate portion of their
If your home is currently listed for sale, this is not a solicitation. If you have a real estate question, I will be happy to answer it or find the answer. If you have a real estate need, I will appreciate an opportunity to compete for your business. We are very good at what we do. Results demonstrate that. Please don’t settle for less.