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Tenant Screening Services

Acknowledgment Form (Required)

We understand the importance of rental transactions and often the challenges Landlords, REALTORS and Tenants face in conduct leasing transactions. To minimize any uncertainty as to C21NM’s role in tenant screening services for leasing transactions, we require all Landlords to complete a one-page Acknowledgement Form documenting responsibilities and also introducing Listing 2 Leasing as C21NM’s only approved tenant screening service provider. The Acknowledgment Form is found below for download and is DocuSign friendly for ease of completion.

Acknowledgement Form [Editable PDF]

CENTURY 21 New Millennium recommends and provides access to a key third-party service to our landlord clients in the form of tenant applicant screening through Listing 2 Leasing. Listing 2 Leasing is the only Company-approved tenant screening service. The Service meets C21NM’s requirements to be fully compliant with the Federal Fair Housing laws and the FCRA. Additionally, the Service meets C21NM’s requirements to be fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting laws, which promote accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information contained in consumer reporting agency files. Associates and Employees will use only the Service, and no other vendor, for tenant screening services. Adherence to this policy is important to mitigate risk and is paramount to the Company’s intent to be compliant with all applicable laws. The Company takes very seriously the need for consistency in legal compliance and in safeguarding of all personal data.

You may access the Listing 2 Leasing tenant screening website directly from our Agent Dashboard page. Listing 2 Leasing is a 100% online-based application service that provides continuous tracking of the applicant during the application process. The process is user friendly, quick and efficient, and provides a robust palette of key reports for our landlord clients to use in evaluating applications. Those reports include:

C21NM has negotiated a below-market rate of $75 per applicant. No discounts are available. Click here to view a sample application.

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Access Listing 2 Leasing Website

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The Fine Print

C21NM Sales Associates and/or Employees will not promote, reject, or otherwise make applicant decisions. The landlord, alone, decides with whom to execute a lease. C21NM recommends tenant-screening services through Listing 2 Leasing as an efficient and beneficial way for landlords to make an informed decision. C21NM is not a property manager and has no control over conditions which arise over the course of tenancy related to a tenant and/or a tenant’s ability to perform under any lease procured by real estate brokerage relationship with landlord, tenant, and/or C21NM.

CENTURY 21 New Millennium is committed to complying with all federal, state, and local rules and regulations while implementing and adhering to industry-leading business practices.