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Deciding on a property management company is a big choice.  We have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you get to know the ins and outs of working with Proactive Property Management.

1.     Where does Proactive Property Management get its business?
Our business is derived by many forms. Not only have we had the opportunity to service clients through our sister company, CENTURY 21 New Millennium but also through referrals from agents affiliated with other companies, word of mouth, past client relations and even our past tenants have turned to us to manage their property.

2.     Who collects the rent?
We collect the rent on your behalf each month, electronically deposit your proceeds into your bank account and provide you with a monthly statement.

3.     How much money are you authorized to spend on my behalf?
Your agreement with our company will set parameters for decisions that we can/cannot make on your behalf. Keeping your up to date on any/all matters concerning your property is our first priority.

4.     How do I prepare myself for tax time?
We will provide to you a tax package at the end of the year which will include a year end statement and 1099 for your tax reporting purposes.

5.     Can I have you pay my mortgage payment and/or HOA fee?
Yes, we can take care of any monthly scheduled expenses on your behalf.

6.     What methods do you use for tenant selection?
Our specially designed financial guidelines and tenant screening both will determine whether or not an applicant should be approved for your property.

7.     Who arranges for maintenance and repairs?
The tenant will report any maintenance issues to our office and will follow up with arranging for the necessary repairs using an approved vendor.

8.     Tell me about the type of vendors you use?
We use only experienced, licensed and insured repairman. We take the same initiate in selecting a repairman for your property as we do for our own.

9.     What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent timely?
We will follow our protocol in first putting them on written notice, initiating legal council if necessary and reporting them to the credit bureau.

10. How often do you encounter issues concerning eviction and/or collection?
Not very often. We praise ourselves on the guidelines and standards we have developed for your protection.

11. How often will you inspect the property?
We will conduct an annual inspection and provide you with a written report of the overall condition of the property. The report will also provide you with our recommendations regarding recommended maintenance/improvements. The property is also inspected at the time the tenant checks in and out of the property, not too mention our drive by inspections and perhaps visits with you.

12. Do I need to be present to sign a lease?
No, you agreement with Proactive Property Management will authorize us to sign the lease on your behalf.

13. What do I need to know to obtain the proper home owner insurance while the property is rented?
We will guide you so that you will obtain the necessary coverage.

14. Can I utilize any service contracts and/or home warranties I may already have in place?
Unless your service contract/warranty specifies that you cannot while the property is rented, we will be glad to oversee this on your behalf.

Please visit us at our website to learn more about Proactive Property Management.

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