Harper McDaniel
Associate Broker

Client Testimonials


“I have worked with Harper for two purchases and one sale in the last four years. Always a pleasure to work with her and her team. Always makes sure I am happy with the process and always available for questions. Excellent rating: professional, attention to detail, trustworthy, negotiating, knowledgeable, respectful” – Janna R.

“Harper was exceptional. Thank you for having such a talented, dedicated agent. She took our calls at all hours of the day and night and ensured our best interests were being met. I cannot thank, or commend, her enough!” – Bruce V.

“Harper: We want to give you an excellent rating for your efforts during the sale of our home.” – David B.

“I really can’t recommend Harper enough. I was extremely nervous about the whole process. Harper did a great job of making the search as stress-free as possible. I did my best to research the market and loan options but always ended up asking Harper a ton of questions. She was always quick in her responses, whether it be the weekend or in the evening. She has extensive experience in real estate. She is truly working for you based on her interactions with the seller, developer, home inspector, etc. I appreciated Harper’s honesty too. She would tell me if a building I was interested in had any known issues up-front. Harper was very flexible in our home search times. In the end, I found a great condo and got a great price.” – Matt J.

“We never pass along all the good things we hear all the time. This one though needs to be passed along. I just spoke with Mr. Solomon. He asked specifically if he would get a service evaluation. He stated the agent Harper was the best possible choice for any USAA member and she was on top of everything every day throughout the process. Please extend my thanks to Harper.” – David S.

“Harper was knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly, negotiated a FANTASTIC price on our property. We would highly recommend her to other clients.” – Tyler M.

“Harper was great. She was very attentive, dedicated, friendly, patient, and motivated. I felt comfortable and never felt pressured. Harper walked me through the process and helped me understand. I will definitely keep her contact information and recommend her. She made my home search enjoyable. Harper deserves the highest rating :).” – Diana V.

“As an ‘old soldier’ who made 17 PCS moves during my military career, and as a fellow member of USAA, I admit to a certain degree of ‘favoritism’ when it comes to helping service members and/or their families navigate this process, particularly when they’re coming from overseas! I recommend one of my best and very experienced realtors, Harper McDaniel, and trust she will provide you with the very best care possible.” – Broker Chris Perkins

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